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Store/Restore with OutlookAddin not running

Created: 02 Aug 2012 | 3 comments


my problem is, that "normal" user could not Store/Restore mails with OutlookAddin they get a message "Could not process the selected items. Reason:  EnterpriseVault is currently unavailiable. Try again later"

Here a client log:

02/08/2012 13:36:40.489[4668][L]: ~CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x80020003
02/08/2012 13:36:41.964[3948][L]: CDesktopUI::GetOutlookWindowHandle
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][L]: ~CDesktopUI::GetOutlookWindowHandle
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][L]: CHTTPRequest::CheckStatus
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][H]: HTTP request error: 366 (503)
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][M]: HTTP request error. Enterprise Vault is currently unavailable. Try again later. 503
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][L]: ~CHTTPRequest::CheckStatus
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][L]: ~CHTTPRequest::Connect
02/08/2012 13:36:41.965[3948][L]: CHTTPRequest::Disconnect
02/08/2012 13:36:41.966[3948][L]: ~CHTTPRequest::Disconnect
02/08/2012 13:36:41.966[3948][H]: Connect failed: 0x80004005
02/08/2012 13:36:41.966[3948][L]: CHTTPRequest::RequestFailed: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:41.966[3948][L]: BackendHTTPImpl::MarkedItems<&public: long __thiscall CItemMarker::UndoMarkRestoreMe(void)>::Unmark: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:41.987[3948][L]: CItemMarker::UndoMarkRestoreMe: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.006[3948][M]:   Undo marking for restore/delete: WG: Unterlagen zur internen Schulung Toleranzkettenrechnnung
02/08/2012 13:36:42.032[3948][L]: ~CItemMarker::UndoMarkRestoreMe: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.033[3948][L]: ~BackendHTTPImpl::MarkedItems<&public: long __thiscall CItemMarker::UndoMarkRestoreMe(void)>::Unmark: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.040[4668][L]: CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.040[4668][L]: ~CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x80020003
02/08/2012 13:36:42.046[4668][L]: CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.047[4668][L]: COutlookExplorerEvents::SelectionChange: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.047[4668][L]: ~COutlookExplorerEvents::SelectionChange: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.047[4668][L]: ~CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.048[4668][L]: CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:42.048[4668][L]: ~CoClassIDispatchBase::Invoke: 0x80020003
02/08/2012 13:36:49.258[4684][L]: DesktopCommonUtil::OpenStoreOfType: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.259[4684][L]: ~DesktopCommonUtil::OpenStoreOfType: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.259[4684][L]: CDesktop::MarkPSTs: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.259[4684][L]: OOMCommon::GetOutlookConnectionState: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.259[4684][M]:     Outlook Exchange Connection Mode: 1
02/08/2012 13:36:49.259[4684][L]: ~OOMCommon::GetOutlookConnectionState: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.260[4684][L]: CStore::OpenIPMSubtree: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.285[4684][L]: ~CStore::OpenIPMSubtree: 0x0
02/08/2012 13:36:49.341[4684][M]: GetMsgStoresTable: 0x0

Here a webserver log:

2012-08-02 13:36:41 W3SVC1 GET /EnterpriseVault/clientaction.asp act=4&fdrenc=_&dn=/o%3dEBERSPAECHER/ou%3dEBERSPAECHER-DE-UNNA/cn%3dRECIPIENTS/cn%3dRGE&svr=DEESSMX03&sid=178FBC5C750024D4BB64C4384EFD44F1C1d10000evdees&tsp=2012-08-02T13:36:38&pdl=AAAAA 80 DEES\e21164 EnterpriseVaultOutlookExt-V9.0.4.1102 503 0 0

Could someone help?

Best regards Thomas

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JesusWept3's picture

Is the website actually running correctly?
What happens when you go to http://yourEVServer/EnterpriseVault/ .... does the browser search work or do you get server unavailable there as well?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Check in the VAC that the Vault Store is not in backup mode.

That happened to me today ;-)

If that doesn't work .. I can see you are using the 9.0.4 extensions.. what version of Outlook on which OS?  If it's XP, what version of IE?

TypoProne's picture

I am assuming this is resoved due to the lack of response from the OP. If you can take a minute to either flag which of the above postings helped you as the soltuion or type your solution and flag it accordingly it will help to ensure that those trying to help on the forums are pointed to the open issues that require it most.

If I am mistaken and this is still an outstanding issue... please supply the requested information above and let us know any other related details.

Thanks in advanced.