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storstation not recognized by Backup Exec 10.0!!!!

Created: 07 Feb 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

Hi! We just bought and installed Veritas 10.0 with all the patches and driver updates. Windows finds and installs the Sony StorStation 130GB drive (model #ATDEA2A). However, the Veritas software does not detect the drive with it's own drivers or when I set it to use the windows drivers.

I contaced Sony and they said to contact Veritas for the drivers, however, I find it hard to call and pay for support on a new product when they did not include the drivers for this backup device.

Anyone know where I can get these drivers from?



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I'm having trouble figuring out if that drive is supported. Searching for ATDEA2A on Sony's web site ( returns no results. Even Google has only one (cryptic) result for this model number. Sony makes several 130 GB standalone drives and several libraries incorporate them. Assuming it's a standalone drive, it should work with the drivers that come with 10.0 as long as it is on this list:

Backup Exec uses the device inquiry string to identify drives. On a SCSI attached drive, your SCSI adapter will generally output these when the system starts up. You'll notice that the compatability list I linked has the inquiry strings we are looking for listed in the file, so, for example:


Should be output by your SCSI card if you are using the SDX-500C 130GB SCSI drive. Also note that the compatability list uses carrots to represent spaces.

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Additionallly, ensure the following

- Disable Removable Storage (RSM) service.

- Ensure that SCSI ID 0 & 1 are not being used, as they are reserved for bootable devices. SCSI ID 6 should also be avoided.

- "Changer" or "Loader" should be configured at a lower SCSI ID than the drive. (e.g. Changer = 2, Drive =3)

- Power off the storage device
- Shutdown the server
- Power on the drive and wait till it is stable
- Reboot the server
- Verify the results

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Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas