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STPatchAssessment.log File to large

Created: 09 Jan 2012 | 2 comments

Hi everyone

We have the problem, that after we rolled out some Windows Patches with a Policy on some servers the STPatchAssessment.log Files are several GB large. Normaly its about 2-7 MB. During the next week we want to update about 500 servers so this isn't very good.

The path to the STPatchAssessment.log file is c:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\....\cache

Is there a way to turn of this logfile or what could be the reason for the large size of this file??

The Versions we use are:

NS: 7.1.6851

McAfee VirusScann Enterprise 8.7.0i

OS: Windows Server 2003 32/64 Bit und Windows Server 2008 R2

Thanks very much.

Kind regards


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Dmitri Sarin's picture

Hi Patrick,

You are right, normally STPatchAssessment.log should be around 10 MB. Probably the file is locked by any other application and this is the reason why Assessment Tool cannot delete it.

You are mentined about McAfee Antivirus. Could you please try to disable it for a moment then run vulnerability scan and check if the STPatchAssessment.log decreased the size?

If this will not help, might it be any other software what locks STPatchAssessment.log?



Patrick.Berchten's picture

Hi Dmitri

Thanks for the fast answer.

The McAfee shouldn't scan the Altiris folder, I excludet this path. I will check if the log file is locked by another application.

Kind regards