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Strange backup behavior, What is happening?

Created: 27 Jul 2012 | 8 comments

Hi All,

I have configured file system backup for one of our HP-UX server. it has ellips application and has some NFS file systems which comes from NetApp. i have configured test policy with below details:

D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bppllist.exe test_server2 -L

Policy Name:       test_server2
Options:           0x0
template:          FALSE
c_unused1:         ?
Names:             (none)
Policy Type:       Standard (0)
Active:            yes
Effective date:    07/25/2012 10:58:23
Client Compress:   no
Follow NFS Mnts:   yes
Cross Mnt Points:  no
Collect TIR info:      no
Block Incremental: no
Mult. Data Stream: yes
Perform Snapshot Backup:   no
Snapshot Method:           (none)
Snapshot Method Arguments: (none)
Perform Offhost Backup:    no
Backup Copy:               0
Use Data Mover:            no
Data Mover Type:           2
Use Alternate Client:      no
Alternate Client Name:     (none)
Use Virtual Machine:      0
Hyper-V Server Name:     (none)
Enable Instant Recovery:   no
Policy Priority:   10000
Max Jobs/Policy:   Unlimited
Disaster Recovery: 0
Collect BMR Info:  no
Keyword:           (none specified)
Data Classification:       -
Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:    no
Client Encrypt:    no
Checkpoint:        yes
      Interval:    15
Residence:         STU_LTO5

Volume Pool:       NetBackup
Server Group:      *ANY*
Granular Restore Info:  no
Exchange Source attributes:              no
Exchange 2010 Preferred Server: (none defined)
Generation:      12
Ignore Client Direct:  no
Client/HW/OS/Pri:  server2 HP9000-800 HP-UX11.11 1631745125 0 0 0 ?
Include:           /ellstage/undo
Include:           /elltest/system
Include:           /elltest/redoD
Include:           /elltest1
Schedule:          TEST
  Type:            FULL (0)
  Calendar sched: Enabled
    Saturday, Week 1
    Saturday, Week 3
    Saturday, Week 4
    Saturday, Week 5
  Maximum MPX:     6
  Synthetic:       0
  PFI Recovery:    0
  Retention Level: 0 (30 days)
  u-wind/o/d:      0 0
  Incr Type:       DELTA (0)
  Alt Read Host:   (none defined)
  Max Frag Size:   0 MB
  Number Copies:   1
  Fail on Error:   0
  Residence:       (specific storage unit not required)
  Volume Pool:     (same as policy volume pool)
  Server Group:    (same as specified for policy)
  Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:     0
  Daily Windows:
   Day         Open       Close       W-Open     W-Close
   Sunday      000:00:00  000:00:00
   Monday      000:00:00  000:00:00
   Tuesday     000:00:00  000:00:00
   Wednesday   000:00:00  000:00:00
   Thursday    000:00:00  000:00:00
   Friday      000:00:00  000:00:00
   Saturday    000:00:00  000:00:00

D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>

So, backup selection is as below:

Include:           /ellstage/undo
Include:           /elltest/system
Include:           /elltest/redoD
Include:           /elltest1
 and multistreaming enabled. When i start backup it is showig seperate streams for each FS, but in the details it is doing backup of same files. PLease find the screenshots. i have attached scrrenshot of two jobs, but this is same for all four.

Can you please tell me why is this happening? Why four different job for four different file systems, job details are same for all four even KB speed.

Little bit about file system:

Source File system Destination Mount Point
filer1:/vol/server2_ellstage/undo       /ellstage/undo
filer1:/vol/server2_ellstage/system     /ellstage/system
filer1:/vol/server2_ellstage/redoD      /ellstage/redoD
filer2:/vol/server2_elltest1/test1      /elltest1

****changed the server names just for security reasons.

Master: NBU 7.0.1, OS: win2008 R2

Media: NBU 7.0.1, OS: win2008 R2


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Will Restore's picture

what do you see if you look at the client server Destination Mount Points ?

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

Amaan's picture

Sorry, i did not understand you. can you please let me know in few details what exactly you want?

Omar Villa's picture

The 4 jobs are because u have the Multi_streaming option enabled, this will generate a job by NFS or mounted FS.

Omar Villa

Netbackup Expert

Twiter: @omarvillaNBU

Amaan's picture

Sorry, my question is not that. I know why i have four jobs, but I did not understand why job details are same for all four jobs. Did you have a look into the screenshots. i gave two of them as an example.

Will Restore's picture

when you log in to server2 and check the various NFS mount points, are they really different as you expect or are they pointing to the same place, thus the results you are seeing in NetBackup details.

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

Mark_Solutions's picture

One other thing in addition to the advice above ...

You have 4 streams and enabled allow multiple streams - but you have not split them on the policy selections list, so each one could potentiall try and look for streams

The policy selections list should look like:


Always haveing a NEW_STREAM statement first

Hope this helps

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Amaan's picture

Mark, as per NetBackup admin guide there is no necessarity to add NEW_STREAM into the backup selection if you want normal streams like seperate job for each backup selection (for each raw). NEW_STREAM work when you want to customize the streams, like two backup selection as one job and etc...

I dont think this will help.

susindran.suruli's picture

What you have selected backup selection as All loacl drives or each mount point you have selected?