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Strange Behaviour in Filter Properties

Created: 11 Oct 2012 • Updated: 14 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I stumbled upon a somewhat strange behaviour when looking at the Filter Properties

In the General Tab you can clearly see that the Filter has been modified a few days ago:

Looking at the Audit Tab I couldn't find any entries whatsoever. Eventhough the "from-date"  has been set prior to the modification date, it doesn't show any results:

Am I missing something? Is there any option, task or anything else which could (accidentally) have been used to delete or purge this kind of information?

Some (more or less) important information:
The Application Server has been Migrated but the CMDB is still the same.
7.1 SP2b

Regards,  Jovi

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Try hitting "Update Membership" and see if the date changes, I think it will.

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Hi Andykn

THX for your answer, but updating the Membership did not help. We already tried that several times. Even Modifying the filter itself and updating it afterwards was not enough to solve this issue. I forgot to tell, that this is not the only filter with this problem. All the filters showed the same behaviour.

We managed to find out, that the data, that would normally be used to show the entries in the Audit Tab is not present in the database. For whatever reason, Altiris doesn't write this kind of information in the DB.

The Symantec Support is now troubleshooting this phenomenon.

Giovanni Mele | Ontrex AG |

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SOLVED =) The problem was, that a value in the coresettings.config was "wrong".

"<customSetting key="EnableNSEventLog" type="local" value="true" />"

This value was set to "false", which disabled every information tracking in the mentioned Tab.

Giovanni Mele | Ontrex AG |