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Strategy for SSR restore in conjunction with online backups, after computer crash

Created: 19 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi.....the moment of truth has arrived. My desktop System has just crashed. I ordered a new computer. It is custom built. It won't be here for a week or two, in which time certain files will have changed. My mission critical stuff tends to be backed up to the cloud as well as SSR. So, I downloaded them to my laptop and I am  working on them with my laptop.. When saved, they go back them up to the cloud. It lets me keep on working despite the loss of the desktop.

What I want to do is develop the safest strategy for restoring my files when the new computer arrives.

The real issue is I install the cloud programs and restore from there first or do I do a SSR restore first? The SSR restore will cover 97% of my docs, but the cloud will have that last 3% duplicated. Plus, it will now include some documents that are more recent and have been changed since my last SSR backup. Obviously, I don't want to overwrite those new files with the older SSR ones.

My thought at the moment is that I should download all files from the cloud first. They will be the most recent versions. Then and only then use SSR to restore documents, and hopefully there is a command in SSR that says "don't overwrite,." leaving, I hope, the cloud version where conflicts exist.

 If I restore with SSR first, some of the cloud programs may get confused and create dupe files. That may be safest, but it may also be some work to clean up.

So, I think I have some reasonable thoughts on this. But I'd be happy to hear any advice on my restore strategy.

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Markus Koestler's picture

Hm, so you are thinking about the File & Folder Backup feature of SSR ?

This should accomplish what you expect, the only thing I'm not quite sure is the "don't overwrite" thing. But since I never use F&F backup I can't tell.

I personally would always use the volume backup part of SSR, because with this you could do also a bare metal restore, even to dissimilar hardware.

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monsieurms's picture

I always do image backups, but I'm upgrading everything on my hardware---going from XP to 8.1, new everything. So I can't just say "restore c drive." It would have to be restoring documents and stuff like that, then reinstallation of software.

Markus Koestler's picture

Oh sorry now I got it. In this case f&f backup should do the trick.

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May I kindley ask you to mark your post as solved?

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