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Streaming via Citrix

Created: 25 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Hoping someone can help. I am trying to stream SWV apps via Citrix Xenapp but every time get the follwoing error:

"Data Access(LDAP or Database) failed to respond to authentication requestnull java.lang.NullPointerException "

in the Symantec logs. Is there a setting somewhere where I need to allow access from a particular address or name or is it not that simple?

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Can you tell me what is the error message your seeing in user desktop while trying to launch the published app? Also could you help me understand issue better by providing below info
1. Version of xen app you're using
2. Client Os in which sws agent was installed
3. How are you publishing the streamed application via xenapp?
4. Are you getting this error message while streaming the application in host machine from where you want to publish or while trying to launch published app from another machine?

As first step, I recommend you try to stream an application connecting to that server without xenapp in picture and validate streaming environment before getting xenapp into it.

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Hi. All sorted with that now thanks. Was a dodgy agent install on the server. Am now trying to stream apps the Citrix without SWS. Using a file store to grab the SWV layers from and running in Xenapp. Not having much luck though - if you have any tips on that.....?

Windows 7 clients, 2008 R2 64bit server, XenApp 6.5 I believe

Thing is, I can't run the SWV agent on the client. Is this possible?

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Sorry, I couldn't completely understand you're problem.  Can you add more details on what you're trying with SWV agent using XenApp and issue running into

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The clients will run Citrix Receiver accessed via a website. They CAN'T run SWV Agent as some will be a Citrix OS plus most users will access via iPads.

I need to deploy the SWV apps via this Citrix Receiver site but can't get it to work. I've written a command which goes into the Citrix set up and that command works fine when run from a command prompt on a Windows machine running the agent. I can't get it to work via Citrix though.

The command is: SVSCMD.exe "NitroPDFPro7" I -p "\\XENAPPSERVER\c$\Users\Public\Downloads\NitroPDFPro7.xpf" A "NitroPDFPro7" EXEC -p "%PROGRAMFILES%\Nitro PDF\Professional 7\NitroPDF.exe"

The file location (public) is just a temp location for test purposes. 

As I said, run this from cmd on a windows machine with the agent and it opens just fine. My issues are running it via a Citrix Receiver webpage without the SWV agent (the agent is on the server so it should be able to use that one).

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Is your requirement is to deploy package for every user or every user will connect to client box where SWV agent is installed via Citrix receiver and launch app? I've not worked on Citrix receiver to see where the problem could be at this point but using streaming agent will help you stream this in server box at user request same we do for xen app.