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Subdisk creation in vxvm

Created: 16 Aug 2014 | 2 comments

Hi Team,

This is a basic question i am asking is,

During the creation of concatanation and mirrored volumes, how many numbers of subdisks are created.. in which factors it depends.

Please assist, as i have to give training to collougues in my office.


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Generally one subdisk is created per disk.  The volume may span more than one disk if the disk is not large enough and for a mirror you will need twice as many disks.

If the available space on a disk in not contiguos, so for instance you have an existing subdisk from another volume in the middle of the disk (this would only happen if you had previoulsy deleted a volume that had a subdisk at the start of a disk), then creation of a new volume may create 2 subdisks, one at the start of the disk and one at the end.  


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The volume layout that you specify/select will also determine the amount of resulting subdisks (e.g. striping combined with mirroring).

Best is to have a lab environment (especially when you have to train co-workers).
Create volumes with different layout types, then use 'vxprint -htr' to view actual disk layout.

Viewing layout of volumes with vxprint and/or GUI makes the concept of plexes and subdisks easy to understand.

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