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Subtasks Need To Be Resolved In Certain Order

Created: 23 Jan 2013 | 2 comments


Has anyone come across the following situation?  If so, did you come up with a workaround or solution in either 7.1 SP2 or 7.5?

When an incident is created in ServiceDesk, sometimes there is a need for us to create some additional subtasks.  Some of these subtasks need to be done in a certain order.  For example, Group A must complete subtask 1 before Group B can complete subtask 2.  The problem is that Group B has to keep opening the ticket to see if Group A has completed their task.

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I'm using 7.5 and I, too, would like to hear a great solution for this. My current solution is not awesome. In most of our cases, we don't have to worry about more than 2 subtasks. When a subtask is completed, the incident status changes to 'subtask completed' from 'assigned' which lets someone know that the first part is done and can go create the subtask for the second part. This is not ideal as someone has to watch those tickets in their queue just so they can make a second subtask. Granted, there is a data event so that  an email is generated to let the person know to create the second subtask, but it's still not great.

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This a tricky one.I don't know my first thought can be done in a workflow or not but it would be nice to use automation rules to help trigger something like this.

Create incident/ticket with 1 subtask. When subtask 1 is resolved it goes to an automation workflow that creates another subtask and on down the line. The problem with this of course is that you would need the ability to create subtasks from a workflow AND have a process that is standard and doesn't change such as installing a new network printer, etc.

You could do something similar to the above by creating incidents instead where thwy would link together and get created automatically through process automation but that's a different topic slightly.

Another possibility might be, again if possible, to have a process atuomation that checks to see if a subtask is resolved and if so, and there are more subtasks, to email the other assignees that one subtask has been completed. I'd have to look more into this one as it may be the easiest to implement (once I get rules working again on my test server!)