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Suggestions for Duplicating Backups Across WAN for DR

Created: 26 Mar 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Looking for any other tips in assisting with moving backups to DR site or if what I have set is the best and only way.

Master and all media servers are Windows 2008 R2


Trying to use SLPs to duplicate over the 200Mbps MPLS WAN and have a 2nd copy on dedupe disk for DR.

Noticing that it only takes 3 jobs going one way to max the WAN. I haven't heard much but was asked to cut it down and may soon be limited to 100Mbps (thanks to QOS).

Is duplicating via SLP the way to go? Is there anything else to try? I figure the first optimized duplication will be longer than when it is run the second time.

Also, Datacenter (B) needs to have backups put to tape, and the tape unit is at Datacenter (A), so backups in Datacenter (B) getting sent to Datacenter (A) should be more important.

One solution I was thinking if it becomes a problem and SLP queue up, is just not worry about sending copies over the WAN from Datacenter (A) to Datacenter (B) due to offsite Tapes.

Currently I have only monthly Full's going to tape and only Weekly Fulls going across the WAN to their DR MSDP Servers. Incrementals are staying locally to disk.

Datacenters are over 1200miles apart with latency around 45ms.

Datacenter (A)              200Mbps WAN                          DataCenter (B)

Master/MDSP----------------------------------------------------------->Offsite Media Server MSDP

Offsite Media Server MSDP<---------------------------------------- Local Media Server MSDP

Operating Systems:

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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Optimized deduplication with SLP is right direction.
I believe queuing of SLP duplication jobs from DataCenter A to DataCenter B does not affect to those from DataCenter B to DataCenter A at job level(but may conflict at WAN traffic level). If you worry about queuing duplication jobs from DataCenter B to DataCenter A, please set higher duplication priority to the SLP form DataCenter B to DataCenter A.

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