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Superloader3 and BEWS 12.5

Created: 10 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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The Superloader3 worked fine in v10 and 11.
We upgraded to Server 2008 and BEWS 12.5.
The Loader and Tape drive both appear in BE Devices.
I can lock and unlock the loader from BE.
I can not run an inventory, catalog, backup job, etc.
I can move a tape from a slot to the drive using the loaders front LCD panel. When I do this the slot does appear empty in BE. When I return the tape to the slot I can run a Scan comand from BE and the tape will re-appear in the appropriat slot in BE.
I have installed all updates available from live update.
I have tried using both the manufacturers drivers and the symantec drivers.
The LUN of the drive is 0 and the LUN of the loader is 1.
SCSI is terminated.
I have just about run out of ideas.
Some help will be greatly appriciated.

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I did some digging around on Quantom's website with the Superloader 3 and didn't see any support for Windows 2008 listed.  You may want to check with them to make sure that configuration will work with the loader. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't but it doesn't hurt to check with them.

I'm having a hard time picking out your problem from your post, can you try explaining that again? Is it not doing something it is supposed to or is it a performance issue?

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Im in the same exact boat.  I have a fresh install of BE 12.5 (with sp1 and hotfix,) superloader 3 (lto3,) windows 2008 (x64 std) and I am having a terrible time getting BE to catalog or run backups.  Ive tried all the normal SCSI-related troubleshooting (different drivers, add/remove hardware, check cable, etc etc) and this is really perplexing.   I can inventory and scan fine, so its controlling the changer properly, but I keep getting the unable to allocate media errors when trying to catalog and backup.
What is totally bizarre is that I was able to get it to catalog one sinlge tape, and I can write backups to it from BE, but they are extremely slow.  Im using an adaptec 29160, and I had changed the Byte sync-rate down to 40 MB/sec on the one time that it cataloged properly.  Ive seen this type of issue in the past, where I had to force a slower sync-rate to get reliable backups (using Netbackup and an LTO2 qualstar device, though.)

What is even more frustrating is that all the SCSI operations are running flawlessly (using tracer.exe) with not one single error.  I have to believe this is some stupid driver issue or something with 12.5 and windows 2008....

BTW, it does seem that it writes faster to the one tape that it cataloged when I increased the number of buffers from the drive config in BE.  It will wtill write about 80 MB instantly, then begin to write incredibly slow (literally probably 100KB/sec.)  With the default setting, it will write slower the whole time.

I hate SCSI device issues like frustrating.

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Im thinking this could be an issue with the fact that the quantum uses LUN IDs instead of SCSI ID's to differentiate the drive from the changer.  On the one successful catalog logfile, it showed the "target" name being the changer name and the "device" name being the drive name.  On all the other falied jobs, it shows either the changer name for both, or  the drive name for both, depending on if I selected "all devices" or manually picked the drive.  I think this LUN ID is causing issues.  Ive tried both enabling and disabling BIOS support on the 29160 for LUN support, and I got the same result both times.

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Sorry I thought I covered all the bases in the original post.

The problem is that I can not do anything other then lock and unlock the loader.

I don't believe it to be an issue with 2008 because both the Microsoft, Quantum and Symantec drivers all load properly and appear properly in device manager. I understand that this is not the be all and end all of things but I'm not getting any indecation of a problem with 2008 itself.

Note that when I described moving tapes it was all done with the front panel of the loader not within BEWS.