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• Support for Encrypted data (otherthan PGP and enforceable at the point of encryption)

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


Is it feasible to create a rule triggering an alert at the time when sensitive file is being encrypted or password protected by the user ??

We can call that as an intervention before the user is encrpting/password protecting a sensitive file.

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Hello....I am very new to this. For some reason my previously online media has gone offline. How do I put them back online?

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Yes you can creae a response rrule to do this, from notifying IT security to the persons manager.

If is failry stratight forward. you can also further create workflow to encrypt the endpoint if the data exists.

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hi Sim,

Vontu cannot detect password protected .zip files on the Endpoint during agent-based detection. Encrypted .zip file-type detection currently exists on the Endpoint Server.  The agent is incapable of detecting whether a .zip file is password protected and therefore reports is as a .zip file with no password protection. This is also true for Adobe .pdf files.

You can create policy to block or to send alert for any encrpted file is going to tranfer.