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Support Process & Problems Understanding Accents

Created: 16 Sep 2010 | 18 comments

Why is it when you have trouble understanding support personell, and request to be transferred to a call center within the US, (or whatever country you happen to be calling from) you get the run around? First they try to prevent you from doing it, then they ask WHY? Well, its enterprise support and I cant understand you... should be enough. Instead they try to get you off the phone, if you refuse, they tell you a manager is not available, if you still refuse, the MANAGER can do something. After all the no's finally someone who can do something but it will take hours to take care of. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! There should be a hard transfer to different call centers and stop the excuse about a global queue and what you cant do, when the managers can. This should be fixed.

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Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

The support is for global customers but it is not necessary Support is present in every country..

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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ReMMy1100's picture

Right... but there IS support in the US. So why so hard to get transferred there if you want to because you cant understand through thick accents?

RHN's picture

If I don't understand someone , I should have the right to get someone who is a native speaker.

I have had many great support people from other than the US but if I don't understand them or I can't get my point across, I should be able to speak to some in the US

Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

If you can't understand someone then you might tell the supervisor to transfer to somebody else within the team..If might be possible that There is a problem with the line or Engineer is having a bad day..

Hard Transfer is Global Support Policy followed by almost all Support Offices..

As per Symantec if you want local support then you'll have to take BCS or Essential support.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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ReMMy1100's picture

They can and WILL transfer you to a US based call center. I just got it done, but it was like pulling teeth. I do not want another person I have to ask repeat themselves time and again after I ALREADY delt with that. I want someone to help me to resolution without saying WHAT? 500 times.

It was a simple request... Please transfer me to a US based call center. It got done, but only after them asking me WHY? I am tired of substandard support due to call centers who have employees with stong accents which are hard to understand. I dont want "local" support... I want support from a US representitve in a US call center. Symantec has them... I know, I JUST got off the phone with a GREAT support person in Oregon. So dont try to feed me and everyone on this board the same fake story that the non-US based support staff did. YOU ARE WRONG!

Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

Its the same everywhere..Its never a simple request it has to be escalated to go to the US support..However Since Symantec has support center in its easier..

Anyways I think your issue is resolved and there is no reason stretching this thread further.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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ReMMy1100's picture

I will let everyone know the outcome after the resolution is complete. I am however HAPPY that after MANY issues with overseas support, that I FINALLY got someone at a US call center whom I can understand and is doing a bang up job helping me. THAT is the service I EXPECT when calling ENTERPRISE SUPPORT. Plain and simple.

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Keep us in the loop how it turns out.


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We're in a time of globalization right now. So you'd probably be expecting more of that (I'm not sure how). But I guess there will come a time when there will be enough training or orientation for people so that there won't be any accents and people would be pronouncing the words as suggested in the dictionary. I can usually tell the country of origin by their accents - I've been watching too many TV shows of various origins so my ears are accustomed to the accents. :)

Anyway, the difference in support is one center I've called had the problem solved almost immediately, no transfers. But it only happened once. Most of the time, one person assigns a case number and I get put on hold. And they wouldn't allow for email support when requested. I often times need email support for the records of the company.

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BNH's picture

I dont think there is any person that is accentless , however there is an accent that you are familiar with hence your ears can hear it better laugh

Anyway accent aside, for any customer you are welcome to speak to any center you wish.
However you will need to speak to reach the support center first and advise the Duty manager there about your concern.

Our technical support workflow info is available at

And Vikram's "As per Symantec if you want local support then you'll have to take BCS or Essential support" statement is incorrect.

Vikram : if you wish to talk about support process , feel free to ping me offline and I can route you to the right people if you have further questions.


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mon_raralio's picture

Thanks for the guide.

I'd like some clarification on how you judge the severity of a given problem.

Difference between 1 and 2.


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

John_Prince's picture

Severity 1 is for issues that are impacting day to day operations of your business. If your business is suffering because of it then its definitely a Severity 1.

Severity 2 would be for issues that are critical to you though are not impacting day to day operations. This could really be anything that you hold critical to your company, from SEPM Reporting to SEPM login issues to installing the product into an environment to testing etc.

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Mjahtetn's picture

As mentioned, there are a lot of call centers now that are globally located. However, customer is always right and based on experience I dont find it hard to request for a representative located on my preferred country, especially in terms of license query.

Also, I dont agree that one must have a BCS support to request for a preferred technician. One must be transferred immediately if he really cant understand the other because it is customer's satisfaction that matters.

sandra.g's picture

For what it's worth, we as technicians don't have a magic number that we can just transfer someone over to a specific site for support.  As was explained, most of the queues are global queues, so that means whoever is available on whichever site is open at that time will get the next call or task.  If I were to put a customer back to the queue it would just be luck of the draw again.

I don't know if the folks who dispatch the cases and route the calls to the appropriate queue have the ability to route you to one site over another; I don't think they can, but I always advise it doesn't hurt to ask if that is a concern.


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khaskins82's picture

I used to be upset about this and then I got over it and work with who ever picks up the call. I still get paid the same.

Jason1222's picture

I would think that it depends on the model of the Call Center.  In my past exeprience, working as a manager for a Call Center, we were paid on a per case basis. 

So, if it became necessary to transfer a call to a different contact center, because it was requested, even if a technician had spent X time on the call, than, too bad so sad, we were not getting paid for that call.  And we are located in Canada.  We all speak english.  And, yet, we would get the occasional irrate, yelling at us that we were in [name country here] and that they wanted support from the very least their own continent...  *sigh*

But that's the world today.  Outsourcing.  Globalization.  Time is money... 

Not saying this is the case with this particular contact center.  But the reality is, you can staff a lot more people in Mumbai for example- I use it as an example of my own past and personal experience and in no way meant to insult anyone; than you could in Toronto. 

For the same amont of money being spent (hourly), including, staff, infrastructure, etc. At the time, we could have a 4 to 1 ratio.  Thus, it seemed to people that they were always going somewhere else.  Nothing you can do about things like that when Global Queues are in place.  It's all round robin.  But, there does exist transfer buttons and internal extensions on both hardphone and softphone.  If not the whole process of a Global Queue would not work.  The systems would not know who the "next available agent is" and/or how to get the call to him/her.

Just my 2 pennies.

John_Prince's picture

Regardless of your support entitlement (BCS, Essential, Basic, etc.) you have support available to you from 8am to 5pm at the very least. 

If you run into a language barrier, regardless of the location, you can request to escalate the case due to this. At this point it could go to someone you can understand better in the same region or it can go to the US. Unless you are BCS, the support you have doesn't promise US support though we do try to accommodate.

With that said I am unsure of what the processes actually are over there. If you run into an issue getting the case where you want you can call back in to the support number, when you get the initial agent you can request to speak with a Duty Manager who can facilitate the escalation.

I would like to stress to you to give the support process a try though, these steps I provided should be used when you run into a situation where we aren't meeting your needs.

I'm sad to hear you all are having trouble with getting support, I hope this information will benefit you in getting the support you are looking for.

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James Winslow's picture

For me it doesn't matter as long they get the job done, that's it I'm happy,

because most of the supports are done in webex, so if i don't know something i can just type in NOTEPAD :-), that's it all happy no fuzz.