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Support for Server 2012/Windows8 as a managed end-point

Created: 21 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Currently, ITMS 7.1 SP2 MP1 does NOT support Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8.  There is a KB article that suggests Windows 8 can run the agent but there are more issues than are documented.  The agent will not even install on Server 2012.
Can anyone in Symantec advise when we will see support for Windows Server 2012 as a managed end-point for ITMS?
I know there are forum threads suggesting this will be available as part of ITMS 7.5 but lets face it - the release date keeps being pushed back.  The last thing I heard was its due for a late 2013 release.  By then Server 2012 (and Windows 8) will be over a year old.  Even then companies will wait for others to find the bugs and wait until SP1.
My customers are certainly starting to investigate Server 2012 and some are even talking about Windows 8 for certain point solutions.  Consulting on a Systems Management solution that does not support new Microsoft operating systems 6+ months after their release is... embarassing and frustrating.
If you agree with this sentiment and want support in SMP 7.1 then please vote for this idea :
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It's strange that you say that the agent won't install on 2012... I have a dozen Server 2012 boxes with the Symantec Management Agent installed.  I think the remote agent installation doesn't work but you can install manually, via GPO, or some other deployment tool (I'm using DS 6.9 along with my 7.1 environment).

That said, the filters and targets that currently exist in 7.1 SP2 MP1 don't recognize Server 2012 as belonging in "All Windows Servers" and the sub-agent installation targets also don't include Server 2012.  However, I've worked around this by bundling all of my desired sub-agents with the SMA and install everything from scratch.  At some point I'll have free time (ha!) and will adjust the targets as necessary.

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Thanks HighTower I'll try the latest version of the agent again - I had errors last time I tried it.

The point remains that creating filters, targets and tweaking other items shouldn't be necessary.  These OS have been out for 6 months and were available in beta form for 6+ months before that.  Without official support from Symantec you're taking a risk if you have any issues.

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Your point is valid.

Completely by coincidence I had a conversation with a product manager about this very topic over the last couple of days.  Here was his response:

You can tell people that we are hoping to add some Windows 8/2012 filters to 7.1.x sometime following the 7.5 release.  As always, these plans are subject to change

I've forward this thread to him to see if he can add more publicly. 

To be honest I'd be happy if Support (or a partner!) were able to put together a KB on creation of the key filters, target, and reports.  Or better yet, publish them and make them available to download and import.

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If 7.5 had shipped in December we wouldn't be having this particular conversation.  The development cycle was changed to focus on quality and stability and unfortunately compatibility had to suffer.  I think that Symantec also took a gamble on Windows 8 adoption being slow.  They were mostly right but Server 2012 does have a lot to offer and people want to use that now.

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So now, it's several months later and has anything changed? Windows 8.1 is due in a month or so...

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Well rumour has it that 7.5 is due out next monthish.  Hopefully all that documentation that is appearing is a good sign.

Looking at the latest support matrix ( ) Windows 8 appears to be supported by CMS 7.5 but 8.1 is not.  This isn't surprising though as 8.1 seems to be a cosmetic change that Microsoft have kept close to their chest until the last moment.  It seems like a reasonable bet that even if its not immediately officially supported that it will behavve the same as W8.  It would be great if someone has tested CMS 7.5 beta 3 against W8.1 could add a comment?

Server 2012 appears to be supported by SMS 7.5.

I notice also that W8 is shown as limited support by 7.1 MP1 but 2012 is not supported.

Windows 8 and Server 2012 are not supported as a site server (probably related to the IIS version they run?).

{Edited to make more sense}