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Suse linux 11.2 for vmware backup

Created: 26 Jun 2013 • Updated: 26 Jun 2013 | 5 comments
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I need to install netbackup on top of suse linux 11.2 for vmware backup

by physical netbackup server with fiber channel to storage with multipathing(2 fiber channels). and tape drive directly attach to server with fiber channel.

i sow some tech document that vmware backup host not supporting for multiparthing. Now i can't find that tec doc in web.

is there any limitations/challenges for vmware backup in the linux environment compare with MS windows?

custermer prefer linux environment

Thanks in advance


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RamNagalla's picture

hi manjula,

yes.. Multipating in Linux backup host is not supported yet.. may be in future release it can support

see the documnet page no 19  in attached tech note

NetBackup for VMware on a Linux backup host does not support
multipathing with SAN transport
NetBackup for VMware on Windows supports multiple SAN paths between the
vSphere ESXi storage and the NetBackup for VMware agent (backup host). Multiple
paths can provide SAN I/O high-availability and higher backup throughput.
With a Linux backup host, NetBackup for VMware is unable to support
multipathing, because of incompatibilities in the following: the Linux operating
system, VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection, and vendor-specific DMP
As a result, NetBackup for VMware cannot support multipathing with a Linux
backup host that is on any of the following platforms:
■ NetBackup 52x0 Appliance
■ NetBackup for VMware on SLES
■ NetBackup for VMware on RHEL
Support for multipathing with Linux backup hosts may be included in a future
Note the following:
■ This issue does not affect NetBackup support forVMware’s Native Multipathing
(NMP). NMP is multipathing between the ESXi host and storage.
■ This issue does not affect NetBackup for VMware on Windows backup hosts.
The Windows OS has integrated multipathing support.
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Hello Nagalla

Thanks for your expalanation. This is the DOC what i am seeking. Unfortunaltly netbackup vmware backuphost is still not supporting as per the explanation. see customer has to pay for useless MS-Windows



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hi manjula,

Linux host is supported , but without multipathing...

you can still use this Linux host without using the mulitpath.. use one HBA port to Mask one LUN...

it just loose the Multipathing ability.. but it still support as Backup host

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Hello nagalla

The thing is netbackup server with 2 fiber port connected to Netapp staorage with multipathing. Is there any effect without multipating?


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hi manjula,

you can ask storage team to not to Mask the lun to 2  fiber ports...  ask them to mask the lun to only one fiber port..( in simple words.. mask the luns with out multpathing ablitiy)

Impact would be:-

no redundancey in the path failurs( if one path failed its failed.)

no load balance if its configured 

 I would perfer to go with this instead of spending money on another New server.. as its backup host.. path failurs will not impact your business.. they just cause backup failurs.. which you can fix without outage.

hoping mulitpathing will get suppported by future release (may be 7.6 or later) we can resume multipathing ablitiy them.

decission is all yours..