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Sush,        I have

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        I have performed the SQL downgrade on our Symantec Backup Exec Server and all looks to be successfull especially since after I moved the Backup Exec DB from SQL 2K5 Standard Edition to SQL 2K5 Express Edition. I run a number of test backup jobs against one of our Tape library partitions and all went well. This morning, I received an error from Backup Exec Services indicating Database Consistency issue with the message below:

Summary of database maintenance activity:

* Performed database consistency check for BEDB database

Maintenance has failed: 10, Dump database failed

I have manually run the Database consistency check against our backup Exec server and it completed successfully this morning. Can you advice on what else I should do to troubleshoot this error on my server?


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If you see the error "Dump database failed" did you tried dumping the databse manually? You can try this using BEUtility .Right click server name and select dump database

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I selected the server and Dump the database. The message I received is :

Starting database utility operation.
Dumping the contents of BEDB database to disk.
Error: Database dump to disk failed.
Database utility for server SERVERNAME ended with errors.

Please advice ASAP on what to do next.


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What version of Backup Exec are you running , are there two instances of the database in BE_DLO and BEDB ?  If yes is the dump database failing on BE_Dlo database.

What is the size of the database ? i.e MDf and ldf files

The limit for database size is 4 Gb .

Check the SQL server(BACKUPEXEC) Service is running on some other account .Try switching to Local system acount and see if that helps .

Try running a repair Database using beutility

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Our Backup Exec Version is 11.0 Rev 7170. The old MSSQL instance already exists on this server and I installed the new instance SQLEXPRESS on the same server so Yes 2 instances exist.

For the SQL 2005 Express instance (SQLExpress) there are 2 DBs (System Databases and BEDB) and on the original DB instance (MSSQLSERVER) there are 4 Databases (System Databases, Database Snapshots, config and datamine).

The dump db error is failing on BEDB

The sizes of the databases located in the Data folder are listed below:

bedb_log.ldf           1024    KB   

BE_DLO_log.LDF   768     KB  

bedb_dat.mdf         92352  KB  

BE_DLO.mdf          5504   KB

I am again reviewing the backup exec service account used to run the services. Surprising I run a few test backup jobs against some of the partitions and they run fine without issues. Please advice

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Did you tried running arepair database using Be utility ?

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Yes I did run a repair of the DB after reading your forum and the results were fine but this morning I got the message again when  the database consistency check process run as indicated below:

(Server: "************") (Job: "Database Maintenance") Summary of database maintenance activity:

 * Performed database consistency check for BEDB database

 Maintenance has failed: 10, Dump database failed Total elapsed time: 00:00:14

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Try running a repair install of backup exec from add remove program ,

Run extensive repair of the databse refering the following document