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What SEPM version are you using ?

Any Specify Error you are received ?

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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SEP 12 I actually want to solve the operating system because the SEP as it always blocks malicious activity

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1. Click the "Start Menu".
2. Click "Control Panel." A new window will open.
3. Click "System and Security." A new set of options will appear onscreen.
4. Click on "Administrative Tools".
5. Double-click "Event Viewer" to open this application. According to Microsoft, the event viewer provides details about important system events. Major errors, including problems svchost. exe will be recorded here.
6. Enter your administrative password if prompted. If you are logged into the computer using initially the main user account on your computer, then you are probably listed as an administrator on the computer and you will not be prompted for a password.
7. Click the plus signs next to "Critical" and "Error" in titles. This will expand the list of all recent troubling events.
8. Click on all the events listed that say "svchost. exe "somewhere in the title. This is the event log for his recent problems EXE svchost. When you look at the event log, it will list the program that was using the svchost exe at the time of critical system failure or operational error. Now you know that the program is having problems using the svchost file. Svchost is a generic file, courtesy of the hotel who can not function on its own; fix a problem with svchost requires fixing the initial program that is using the EXE file. Make a mental note of the offending program.
9. Return to the control panel.
10. Click on "Programs."
11. Click "Programs and Features." After clicking on this option will display a list of all programs installed on your computer.
12. Scroll down the list until you find the program that is causing the svchost exe problems.
13. Right-click on the program and select "Repair" from the list of options. This will cause an automatic repair program. The repair process will examine automated directories of Windows preinstalled for useful patches and initiate a web search for fixes Microsoft-approved. If corrections are not found, the repair feature will revert the program to a state before the errors first started. A progress bar appears on screen to let you know how much the repair process will take.
14. Click "OK" when the program was repaired. The svchost problem should be solved after you have repaired the associated program.

Anything just call me


Fabiano Pessoa

Systems Analyst - Forensic Expert

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actually what I want is to stop the alert SEP with this process svchost'll try the ideas you
thank you