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SWG does not block web URLs

Created: 20 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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Hope all are doing fine.

i have few quries regarding Symantec web gateway.

1) i am very much confuse about network configuration of SWG, especial about management ip addressand inline ip address. do we have need Internet access for both management and Inline IP Addresses ? or only on Management? or only on Inline ?

2) Best practices for SWG for those clients who required?

3) i tried alot and many times to block Web URL but did not successfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....... any one Guide me ,,, I followed step by step implementation guide.

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I have a couple questions:

Can you access the internet, and if you can are seeing any reports?

Are your internal networks advertised in SWG?

Your WAN line is going to be plugged into your Firewall on one subnet, and your Lan line should be plugged into to your local switch on a different subnet. You can access the device through the management or lan interface.

Which deployment method are you using?



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1. Management Port and LAN/WAN Port IP address should be from two separate IP Address Class.

2. Both Management Port and Lan/Wan Port should have direct internet access through the Firewall.

3. Refer

4. Sketch the network diagram and ensure the valid IP address is assigned to the LAN/WAN Port

5. Once you login to SWG web gui: Administration>Configuration>Network;

    Test Ping from Management port and LAN/WAN port to internal gateway as well as an external public ip address.

6. Refer the Symantec_Web_Gateway_5.1_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf

7. The best and easiest technical approach of introducing SWG is to configure as SIMPLE Proxy

8. The endpoint/users browser be inserted with the LAN port ip address.

Best Wishes.