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SWG License expiration notice

Created: 15 Jun 2012 | 1 comment
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Our SWG content filter license has expired and no notification was send to the users registered in Alerts or Administrator email accounts.  All other notifications about restart/start, DC interface are being received OK in the System Alert Default email address... ( No License expiration options in Default System Alert  ???  )

Looking for Dead Mail in our corporate mailing server, found a message, generated by the SWG and destinated to a email account not configured in the SWG Alerts.

Anyone knows how to change the account for receiving License expiration notices ?


From:        Webgate <>
Date:        14/06/2012 02:53 p.m.
Subject:        License Expiration Notice

License Expiration Notice

One or more of the licenses or contracts for your Symantec Web Gateway, Webgate, serial number XXXXX, has expired or will expire soon.


License/Contract Status Expiration Date
Content Filter License Expired 13 days. 05/26/2012

Please contact your local reseller or Symantec sales representative to renew, or visit Symantec Corp. to renew.

Thank you.

Symantec Corp.
1-800 342-0652

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Under Administration -> System Users ->  what is the email address for "admin", and or other users.

If it matches the address you found then chang it to an appropriate address...