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SWG as a proxy ...

Created: 03 Nov 2010 • Updated: 04 Nov 2010 | 5 comments
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Good Evening friends,

Would you like to know if any of you have put the SWG as a proxy on your network?

Does the SWG can navigate on its own without a ISA Server involved?

Thanks and regards,

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SWG is not a proxy. The SWG is an inline or spantap device that scans web traffic with limited protocol blocking/monitoring. No proxy is needed for use of the SWG. SWG is transparent to users/end machines unless they are being blocked in which they would see a webpage saying the page was blocked by the swg.

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Ok thanks for your answer, I know that the SWG is no proxy and used to monitor web traffic on the network.

my question is can you do proxying?.

Is the Internet can serve the company's internal network?, No need to use an ISA Server to surf the Internet ....

thanks and regards,

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I'm not sure what you mean by:

Is the Internet can serve the company's internal network?, No need to use an ISA Server to surf the Internet ....

But no you cannot use the SWG as proxy because it is not a proxy. It provides no acceleration or caching services.

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If I understand right the other user's ambition was to see if the filtering be customized and/or configured leave alone caching/acceleration, a kind of rudimentary proxy.

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Just to further clarify here, as Ben mentioned the Web Gateway currently doesn't have proxy functionality and needs to be deployed Inline or in Tap/Span mode. 

The Web Gateway can exist in an environment with a proxy and in those situations the Web Gateway should be placed between the client machines in the network and the proxy(if placed between the proxy and the firewall for example all traffic then appears to be coming from the proxy and the Web Gateway can't report or apply policy properly).  The Web Gateway will also want to know which ports are being used for proxied traffic in the environment, and in the event the Web Gateway will need to get it's updates through the proxy it will need to be allowed unauthenticated access through the proxy.

It's worth pointing out that with the Web Gateway version 5 we will be adding the ability to use the Web Gateway as an explicit proxy for http/https/ftp and Socks.  This release is due to be available in Q2 next year.