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[SWG] SWG can't work, Console Display "Out of Memory" issue.

Created: 01 Sep 2013 • Updated: 06 Feb 2014 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

SWG: Block + Proxy Function

Some one day, SWG can't work. Ping managerment and lan port failed.

Console display "Out of Memory : killed process 31400 (tcheartbeat)" or "Out of Memory: Killed process 3312 (sslProxy)".

I know this is linux start OOM killer.

How can fix it issue?

Console Display Screen:




Operating Systems:

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I guess a reboot in the first instance to try to clear some memory (and hopefully get it up and running).

Log a Symantec support case and try to get them remotely connected to the SWG to investigate.  I know some of the earlier SWG versions suffered from memory leak issues, but I don't see any reports of this issue occuring in versions that have the proxy function (5.0+)

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What is the version of of the SWG software loaded? What is the model of the device?

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SWG Version Autoupdate to 5.1 up.

Customer have DLP + SWG function.

This is the main factor?

Checking this device model number ...


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SWG version is

SWG Appliance : PowerEdge R310


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How many users?

The device may simply be being overwhelmed due to traffic and policies applied.

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15 user

just only use policy is SSL inspection, because DLP icap service.


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Best bet at this point would be to open a case with support for further investigation of your unit.