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SWS - setup for non persistent desktops

Created: 23 Aug 2011


I'm looking for some tips & tricks to be able to use SWS in a non persistent VDI environment.

I'd like to get some advice on best practice and how to achieve the following:

1) Installation of Symantec Streaming Agent on the "golden" image - how to configure the default portal, obviously the usrername is going to change;

2) How to pre-cache applications into the golden image so that streaming is only required for temporary applications or  as quick fix while a new image is built;

3) How to split out the user settings of an application from the actual application itself. I have been packaging a few applications using SWV and have seen that the user settings are kept in a rw partition of the layer. IS there a way to have the application pre-installed (same as 2) above)) but then just stream the application settings down to the desktop ?

Thanks in advance.