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SWV 6.1 SP6

Created: 16 Oct 2010 | 5 comments


nay idea where I can download this ?

I seem to only be able to download the sp4 version.



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I understand that SP6 was withdrawn due to problems. 

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Hi Berttie,

thanks for this. In that case what can I use on Win7 x64 ? Is there an sp5 ?


Jordan's picture

There's a beta you can download that was released in July that you can use to test out x64.

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Gram_Q's picture

thanks Jordan, but I have logged onto the symbeta site and when I follow the link to the FTP site the package seems to have been pulled.

Do you know of a direct link or where it is hiding ?



SK's picture

You can download 6.1 SP6 MP1 from our website which has a 64bit agent.


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