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SWV 7.5.522 unable to create Reg entries more than 2 levels deep in GUI

Created: 18 Nov 2013 | 9 comments

I ran into an issue where I was trying to create several registry keys inside of an already packaged SWV app using the Workspace Admin GUI. It seems that when I try to add a new registry key thats more than one level deep the key either doesn't show up at all (it does show up in the SWV Layer, i.e. HKLM\_SWV_LAYER_1) or registry editor throws an error and won't open the key.

Environment is Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. I've tested on 3 different systems with the same result.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create empty layer
  2. Edit and add registry to HKLM\Software\Test
  3. Activate layer and browse to registry location and key will open
  4. Deactivate layer and add a subkey so it's like HKLM\Software\Test\TestSub1
  5. Activate layer and attempt to browse to subkey, registry editor says it can't open/find location
  6. Create .reg file with entries like above, run from layer cmd.exe and do reg import of .reg file. Keys will now open fine.

I've attached screenshots showing how to reproduce the issue.

Operating Systems:

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How are you browsing to the subkey?  Do you have regedit.exe in the layer as well?  What are the relative priorities of your layer with respect to the base operating system?

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I was using regedit outside of the layer for my testing but I just reran the test running regedit and cmd.exe/reg query and I got the same results, "ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value."

I didn't change the layer priority so it's still at default. Is there another priority level I should try changing it to?

Also, I just found out there's a hotfix available from support so I'm waiting to see if this is resolved in 7.5 HF1.

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For information the same error is also reported when adding files to the layer either directly in the FSLRDR folder or in the GUI without doing a capture.

Kind Regards

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Do you know if that is only on 64bit OS? I know there's issues with isolation rules on 64bit but I haven't tried to reproduce this issue on a 32bit box. We don't have any 32bit Win7, only 32bit XP which wouldn't be a good test.

Also, have you tried HF1 for 7.5?

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Only reported it for x64 OS. and haven't got my hands on HF1 yet.

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From where can I download this HF1 for SWV 7.5?

I'm using 7.5.522 and I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems  with the global exclusions.


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Support says that SWV 7.5 HF1 is not yet available and won't be available until December.  There was a miscommunication where the conversation got confused with CMS 7.5 HF1, which is available now.

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7.5_HF1 is not yet released. Also this bug is fixed in next major release 8.x. We are evaluating what efforts are needed to fix this in 7.5_HF1.