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SWV and Issues with Office 2013 (not virtualized in SWV)

Created: 27 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

Hey Guys,

I'm running into a very strange problem.  I had used SVS in years past, but got away from it when I couldn't get it to work on Win7 64 bit.  I recently got a new laptop (Win7 SP1 64 bit Build 7601) and thought I would revisit it.  I found the new versions are fully supporting it. 

I've installed 6.1 SP8 MP1 and its working good for most of my apps.  However, all of a sudden i started having issues with Office 2013.  There are problems in Word, Outlook and OneNote.  They are not even virtualized and were installed before SWV.  I went round and round uninstalling, reinstalling, etc, etc.  Nothing worked.  I finally started uninstalling other apps and once I removed SWV, everything started working perfectly again. 

If I reinstall SWV, reboot, the problems return.  I've repeated the cycle several times and it is definitely a conflict with SWV.

The errors I get are as follows:

  Upon opening, I get an error: "Your autocorrect file, MOS1033.acl, could not be saved.  the file may be read-only, or you may not have permission to modify this file".  Click ok and Word opens and seems to work ok.
  Upon closing, I get an error that 'Word cannot save or create this file...'  in reference to normal.dotm.

  Fails to open with the following error:  "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook.  Cannot open the Outlook window.  Cannot find this file.  Verify the path and file name are correct."

  Fails to open with the following error:  "OneNote can't start.  This might be because there's not enough free disk space or because we don't have permission to write to files in your user settings folder.  If you're out of disk space, please try to free some up.  Otherwise, contact your system administrator.  Error code: 0x2".

Those are the only issues I'm aware of, but obviously they are big enough to keep me from using the laptop.  I'm still using my old one until I get this resolved.

Does anyone have any insights as to what could be happening here?



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Just a quick FYI.  I upgraded from 6.1 to the 7.5 Beta 2 version and it appears to have resolved the issue.  I've rebooted a couple times and everything is working as it should.  Will post further if the problem returns.