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SWV Ignores Excludes

Created: 30 Sep 2013 | 10 comments

SWV is ignoring both global and layer excludes for excluded partitions and drives.

What might be causing this, and how can I track it down?

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What is your setup?  Are you using the default C: drive location for your virtual packages or are you using any customisations we should know about?

Also, you fail to mention the EXACT version of SWV you are working with (or any version at all for that matter), and this is also a vital piece of information that we need.

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SWV is 7.5 (Release Preview) and fslrdr is located on V: The system drive (C:) is locked-down - all changes to it are reverted on shutdown. The FSLX registry hive is exported on shutdown and imported on startup.

SWV works well, with the exception of excludes now being ignored. Under 6.1 similar problems were side-stepped by using layer excludes rather than global ones.

That said, I doubt the current, particular problem is related to the registry being imported in the startup cycle after the SWV service, as changes made to both global and layer excludes within a session are ignored during that session.

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Setting aside my specific configuration, what might cause SWV 7.5 to function apparently properly with the exception of excludes being ignored?

Are there significant changes in the (FSLX) registry hives between 6.1 and 7.5 which might cause a copy of 6.1 registry hives to cause 7.5 to malfunction in this way?

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7.5 had a change in architecture where it now can observe VDI drives as volume guids. The old method of listing drives by letter will now not work (at release, i'm unsure of plans otherwise to address this). If you upgrade with exclusions in place that are drive letters there seems to be problems attached. I recommend you try again with them removed.

The good news is that unless you have a local drive letters, SWV can't observe network drives anyway - so no need for them to be excluded.

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I indeed upgraded over a 6.1 installation, with entire drives in both global and layer excludes. Removing these and then adding them again through the Admin GUI has not changed the behavior. Data which should be excluded is still being written into the layers.

I have included the FLSX hive as an attachment. Is there any obvious problem?
Is there a way to fix this issue manually, if need be?

FSLX.rar 2.79 KB
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Could you please tell us where are you choosing to store the data? Is this by chance an external hard disk (USB)?

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SWV is installed on two Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit machines. 1 - internal drive, divided into C (System), D and V (Virtualization Data)
2 - internal drive, likewise divided into C, D and V and multiple external USB drives.
Both have been upgrade from 6.1 to 7.5 and on both data is written to layers which should be written to excluded drives. This happens irrespective of whether the excluded drives are internal partitions or external USB drives.

I attached the FSLX registry hive from one machine as a RAR file to my prior post. Perhaps it will be of use identifying the issue.

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So what do you have set in the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\FSLX\Parameters\FSL\ExcludePaths?  If I include f:\ (My usb drive or any other drive) then I'm not seeing the problem.

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The FLSX registry hive of machine "1" is attached as a .rar file to an earlier reply in this thread. I would appreciate it if you look it over for errors.

In short, on machine
1, internal partitions C, D and V, and external drives Q, X and Y are excluded and on machine
2, internal partitions C, D and V.

SWV ignores excludes on both machines. The issue may be due to customizations of the setup of the machines or installations in the base (C drive) of Shadow Defender and Private Internet Access VPN client software on both machines.

Both programs use species of virtualization; Shadow Defender virtualizes the system drive and PIA VPN relies on OpenVPN which virtualizes the Internet adapter with its TAP driver.

Note: SWV has coexisted for years with another drive virtualization program, Returnil, without issues.

Additional background
SWV 6.1 was upgraded to 7.5 after PIA VPN was installed. For some reason, 6.1 disrupted installation of PIA VPN to the base - specifically, it prevented the correct installation of its TAP driver.

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Ok! Looksl ike this is what best describes the issue you are seeing "When a process running from a layer writes a file to a location that is represented as a local disk (external USB hard drive) the changes are written to layer RW and not to the disk even though the drive-letter is set to globally exclude"

In that case this bug is already fixed in upcoming 7.5_SP1 release.