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SWV vs. Windows Firewall & others

Created: 21 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

Is there any solution / workaround for the Windows Firewall yet? I know the rules in the Windows Firewall are not tracked because they are made by a non-layered windows process. So far so good, but it worked just fine with some of my apps (e.g. iTunes) and I'm just wondering why others do not! For example the HP Setup refuses to detect my network printer (I guess it's not the printer driver here as I'm using it in the network). I checked the Windows Firewall rules for outgoing connections and there were 5 new rules. The mysterious thing is, that 2 of them are actually directed to the fslrdr-Path whereas the other 3 rules have the official installation path. And it's all from the same setup program. I tried to changed them around either way but my printer can't be detected in any cases.. So can anybody resolve this mystery for me somehow? Which paths do I need in the Firewall, the fslrdr-Paths or the official paths?? Maybe then I'm able to find a solution to this problem!

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Logically, the official paths should be the only ones required, as the fslrdr path is only used by the unspecified version of SWV that you are using. Also, I see no mention of the operating system being used, and exactly how the HP Setup is being run, or what the network printer is, and whether it is accessed as a TCP/IP device or some other way.

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I have a similar issue, which should be easily reproducible. In this case a recent version of utorrent is (correctly) identified by Windows Firewall as running from the fslrdr directory. As this occurs in a steady state environment (in which all changes to the system drive are discarded on shut-down) each startup results in Windows Firewall asking whether to allow utorrent network access.

As such, I imagine the problem is similar to the OP's: how to capture or improvise a Windows Firewall permission into a layer.

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