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Syamantec Web Gateway Proxy Mode LAN port and MGMT port differences

Created: 21 Aug 2014 • Updated: 04 Nov 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi Everyone,

I m setting up SWG in proxy only mode & have few doubts and need clarification can someone help with this.

Went through the support forums and have few doubts on them

In a proxy only configuration,

--  Understood that LAN interface & Management interface should be assigned with different IP address.

1. Is LAN interface used only for communication between Clients --> SWG (Web Requests) and SWG--> Clients (for block page and webpage)

2. Is the MGMT interface used for Communnication between SWG -->DC or DLP or DNS or Vise versa

 -- LAN and Management port should have connection to the internet. ( Why should management port have internet access usually management segment will not be given internet access and is only used for internal management of devices)

-- I will have my SWG pointed to FW and then to internet, Once the request from Client reaches on LAN port checks for the policy and thought wic port (LAN or MGMT) does it communicates with internet.

In overall need help on understanding wht traffic MGMT port handle and wht traffic LAN port will handle.

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Would like to know which Interface does it use when its communicating with Domian Controller, DLP, DNS

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The DNS Question is answered in the earlier linked articles.

The AD connection is over the MGMT interface as per:

DLP link for the ICAP feed is only present for proxied traffic, so I believe is (from memory) over the LAN interface, but I can't find an article to confirm.