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Created: 18 Jun 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments
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I am trying to move an unmanaged client to a managed client with the SylinkDrop Tool.  I am getting the error "unable to remove backup file"  Anybody seen this error before??  Thanks

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I have a tool, which will help you to make the unmanage clients manage remotely to all your machines.
Incase you need that tool, please PM me .
the tool is Sylinkremote.exe.
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Sounds like a permissions issue on the unmanaged client?
Do you have modify/write access to the Program files\symantec\blah\ directory which contains the xml file which the tool is trying to replace?


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In this case if this is only 1 machine in question then you can do on more thing instead of using the tool.
Go to Start--Run --Type in there smc-stop then click OK.
You will notice that Symantec Shield is no longer in your task bar.
Copy the Sylink.xml file and paste that in Program Files\Symantec Endpoint Protection folder
It will ask you do you want to overwrite or replace the already existing file click on yes.
Then again Go to Start--Run --Type in there smc-start then click OK.
The client will became managed
The issue is basically with the corrupted Sylink Drop Tool.
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Just want to correct one thing the command is like smc -stop and smc -start,i did not used spaces.
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smc -stop
copy required "Sylink.xml" to "C:\program files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection"
smc -start

The above has worked for e.g. moving clients from one site farm to another.

I have been doing several tests with this and Sylindrop. I am finding that after running either a few times on the same client it stops working. I cannot figure out why. Can anyone help? We have MR3 clients and SEPMs.

The tests have been moving clients around 3 different domains in the same Site Farm. The first 2 moves work, but then the new Sylink has no effect - the client always goes back to the last domain.