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Sylink.xml updated, Client not changing groups

Created: 16 Dec 2011 • Updated: 16 Dec 2011 | 8 comments

I am writing a powershell script to change a machine's group assigment in SEP 12.  I have the script working in so far as it runs the SylinkDrop Tool which completes successfully, but my clients never move in the SEP Console. 

I found the location of the sylink.xml file on the client in the Program Data folder, and it shows the correct group.  I've restarted the machine, too.  It's like the client is ignoring the file and not importing it, or the server is ignoring the clients messages to move.

The clients are all Windows 7, running SEP 12.1 RU 1. 

Any ideas?

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Delete the old entry from the client and then do update policy on sep client or reboot and check it should report to correct group this happens as old entry in sepm is already present .

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You cannot use a sylink file to move a client from group A to group B. It simply does not work and is not supported.

As pete said, it's best to move computers in the SEPM by right clicking on the client and choosing "Move"

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Thank you, everbody for your responses. 


The reason I can't just move them in the SEP console is volume and the number of groups.  We are about migrate from 11 to 12.1 on a new server.  I was trying to automate the group assignments based on the machine name.  When we start our push we'll have a few thousand machines moving nearly simultaneously.   The idea was to automate the assignment so that we have a single package to manage rather than 15-20+ for individual groups.  We use Altiris for deployments, and having a single install package and a task to change the groups is the most efficient solution for us.


I will try that.  It may work for our initial deployments.  Unfortuntately, I still need a solution that could be run at any time.  That way, if a machine that is already in the SEP console is reimaged, it will automatically pick up the correct group.

Ted G. 

Unfortunately, Pete's solution is not functional on the scale I'm dealing with.  I was led to believe that it should work because of the content in this article: and in this one:

It seemed logical to me that if the SyLink file could move the machine from one server to another it should be able to move it from one group to another. 

How can the group be changed via a script if the Sylink file doesn't control that?  Surely, someone has come up with this problem before...

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when replacing sylink, ensure the SyLinkEx.bak & SyLink.bak are also removed.

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1. Stop the SMC on affected client system.
2. On SEPM Console deleted the duplicate entry.
3. Gone to registry by going to following location HKLM\Software\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\SMC\Sylink\Sylink
4. Cleared the Hardware ID.
5. Gone to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\HWID.
6. Finded the "sephwid.xml" and Rename it to "sephwidxml.bak"

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generate the Sylink.xml file from that group of Server where you want to move and replace in the required system


Sumit G.