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Sym Account e-mail

Created: 01 Nov 2011 | 4 comments
KDS's picture

Whenever I get an e-mail to my SymAccount, I get 2 of them:

My company resolves them both to my internal mail address, so I receive 2 copies.  How can I modify my profile to remove the second entry?  I can't see it listed anywhere.

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Andy Welburn's picture

address, have you recently changed your registered e-mail?

I'm in a similar position in that I now get e-mails at work & at home - so wondering if the process of changing a registered e-mail results in the creation of a *second* account......

Kevin's picture


When you say "E-mail to my SymAccount" are you referring to emails from this Connect community or something else?


KDS's picture

I get 2 e-mails from whenever I get "an" update on support cases I have raised.

Andy Welburn's picture

the monthly(?) Connect 'newsletters' as opposed to anything else - I unfortunately can't confirm the exact source (until next time) - for which I also get two. But I'll bow to KDS's response....

....for me, one goes to my "old" works e-mail (which always says I have 33 points which will expire in May 2011!) & the other to my current home e-mail (which is more up-to-date regarding points).