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Sym AV 10.1

Created: 23 Jan 2012 | 5 comments
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I came across an old pc that has Symantec AV 10.1,managed, loaded onto it.  This pc was forgotten when we stopped managing clients.  The managing server is no longer in existence.  The pc works fine but I would like to upgrade the av to current.

Since it was a managed client, I don't seem to be able to uninstall.  Is there an easy manual uninstall or should I just wipe WinXP and reload.



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First of all, if you launch the installation of Endpoint it will automatically migrate the SAV 10.x to the Endpoint.

You can also uninstall SAV from Add/Remove Programs. Usually, the managed clients had the uninstallation password configured. If you go to the following registry (backup the registry first!):


you need to change UseVPUninstallPassword to 0

If the uninstallation fails, you can try manual uninstallation procedure:

Manual uninstallation documents for Symantec Client Security products

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What is the issue is un-instaling it...I hope you have admin rights on the PC.

There are many ways to un-install. Try following the below steps:

· Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove the program
· Reboot
· Try install
· If that fails, follow the manual removal process.
· Try the install again
· If that fails, run the cleanwipe utility. As a precaution, have a backup of the OS before using utility (This utility is provided by Symantec Technical Support)
· Search for and remove any old Symantec Endpoint Protection .MSI files.
· Install new version

Since I dont completely understand your issue in uninstalling, you can check these links in case of any issue. Do let us know, if you have any further query.

    How to uninstall Symantec Antivirus, Symantec Endpoint Protection,and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, and what to do if that fails

      Manually Uninstalling Symantec Anti-Virus or Endpoint Protection

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        you can ask the cleanwipe tool from support if you do not want to uninstall manual.

        However you can use SEP install package, to uninstall SAV and install SEP.

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        Why Uninstall when you can migrate / Upgrade to the Latest Version of SEP.

        Install the UnManaged SEP from the CD/DVD you have downloaded from the Fileconnect website.

        Once done, manually replace the Sylink.xml and it would work flawlessly.

        Hope that helps!!

        Mithun Sanghavi
        Associate Security Architect

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        If there's a restriction to uninstalling, you may hit a roadblock migrating to SEP, since part of the process is... uninstalling the old components. It's worth a shot though!


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