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Sym. Management Console log off not found

Created: 28 Oct 2011 | 4 comments
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When Im try to disconnect from symantec management console ( examp. UserA ) with "log off" button at the top of the page , this refresh the screen and go to login form page ... but if i try to open again with another user (examp. UserB , a user with other role and permissions) the page and menu bar opens with the interface, role and permissions for the another user ( UserA ) ...

Someone happens the same ? its a bug of the SMC  ?

Thanks , Carlos !

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I'm also interested in this answer...I'm trying to test a different variation of assest management role.

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Please provide more details on user roles, their priviledges and permissions. Also provide snapshots if available.

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Hi !

I see 2 problems ...

Problem A : When i click the log off option this return to login page and if i go back in the page the user stay logged

Problem B : If i log on with another user , the menu and the options are the same of the last user logged

In my vision it seems that the credentials won´t removed or access cookies won't kill ... i open the logoff aspx to see the functionality but if this problem persists i try to replace the logoff webpage with another that remove the session correctly ...

any sugestions ?

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We checked Problem A at our end and is working fine here. When we click the log off option, page goes to login page and if we go back in the page, the page redirected to login page again and not on the console page, So it it the exact working of the page. We are checking the Problem B with various users and will update the result here.