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Symantec 12 Reboot Options

Created: 17 Aug 2011 | 9 comments

I'm testing the installation of the Symantec Endpoint 12 client and I'm a little confused about the reboot options. I have exported a package and in the Client Install Settings there is a tab for Scheduled Reboot. I set it to reboot immediately with a prompt to countdown from 1 minute. I installed the client using the exported package and when the installation is finished I see that SEP says that it requires a reboot but it never initiates one. I also see that there are reboot options under Clients. Under the policies tab and under General Settings the same reboot options are available. So when I created the exported package I had the client being put under the group I wanted. So does the reboot settings in the Clients section override the one in the exported package? Also I haven't been able to get a client to reboot at all with both places set to reboot. Is anyone else having the same issues?

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Check this Articles:

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Hope this Helps!!!

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Thanks for responding. I know how to create an installation package and have it set up correctly. I am able to install SEP through the exported package but the client isn't restarting for some reason even though the options are set both in the exported package and under the Clients page.

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is the package interactive or silent, if its silent I doubt it would reboot, if its interactive it would show if its waiting for any programs to close..

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The package is set to "Show progress bar only". Are the reboot options not supported for this installation type?

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How is the pacakge created , Have you selected the option to reboot??

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The option to reboot has been set in both the exported package settings and under the Clients page. The package was created by exporting a Client Install Package with the settings from the Client Install Settings set to reboot.

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select the first option, u should see the prompt after the installation is complete.

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Set it to 3 minutes create a new package deploy and check if the machine reboots with countdown or if the user gets prompt ? to reboot the machine

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I created a new package and set the countdown to 5 minutes and still don't get anything. It doesn't prompt or countdown. The only thing I see if when I open up SEP it says at the top that a reboot is required.