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Symantec 2010 R3 DLO for PST

Created: 17 Nov 2011 | 5 comments

Dear Everyone,

Need advice for Symantec 2010 R3 DLO filter PST.  I configured backup selection for PST and only include latest 3 months email.  Let say now is November, DLO will only backup Nov, Oct and Sept email via DLO.  when it reach December, does DLO auto purge the Sept email from the network folder?

If DLO do not clear the Sept email from backup, is there a way to auto purge old email from backup.

Kindly advice.


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VJware's picture

Take a look at the Revision Control options under DLO backup selections...

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Hi VJware,

Thank you for the reply.

In my PST revision control option, i only keep 1 revision in the network user data and revision age is 1 day. 

May i know how this configuration can help for the auto purge?



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Although PST can incremental protect separate changes in the PST for backup I believe the revision control is based on the PST file itself - which will change every time you edit it and not on the e-mails within the PST.

As such I don't think we can purge e-mails older than a certain date within a PST ,although if the revision of the PST is older than that date AND the e-mails themselves have been deleted by the user then they will be purged when that revision of the PST is removed.

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Hi Colin Weaver,

I refer the PST is on the server side, which this PST backup and created by DLO agent not the client outlook side.

if user do not delete any email from client outlook PST and DLO do not know how to purge the elder email from the server PST then the PST on the server will keep accumulate and become very huge user will very fast reach the capacity limit.

Because I am deploying 300 DLO to my company clients. This become serious storage issue to my environment.

Do you have better way to backup and manage the PST?

Kindy advice.


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I configured only backup latest 3 month email from the global email configuration.  I will manually increase the date.

I would like to find out does DLO auto purge the elder email from the server PST? if user do not delete email from outlook PST.