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Symantec 6.0 with SHarePoint 2010

Created: 24 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

Is it require to install Symantec 6.0 at all servers in SharePoint 2010 farm?

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No it is not. The following documents cover installation to a farm as well as all the options and confirguration for SPSS 6.0 on Sharepoint 2010.

From the getting started Guide:

Install the Symantec Protection for SharePoint console on
each front-end Web server in the farm and at least on one
server where Central Administration service is running.
You can install the Symantec Protection for SharePoint
console on the other Application servers in the farm to run
on-demand or scheduled scans on these servers, if desired.
However, you can run these scans from the front-end servers
as well.

You can install Symantec Scan Engine on the same server
as the Symantec Protection for SharePoint console or on a
separate server.

SPSS_6.0_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf 132.85 KB
SPSS_6.0_Implementation_Guide_for_SharePoint_2010.pdf 652.19 KB
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I saw that text in the getting started guide.  What I would like to know is what might be a typical installation for a multi-server SharePoint farm?  My farm has two WFE servers, two APP servers and a SQL cluster. CA is running on an APP server.  Would it make most sense to install the console AND the engine on each WFE and the one APP?  Or is there a benefit to installing just the console on the WFE servers, and then put the engine on both APPs? 

You'll probably say "it depends" based on traffic requirements and server capacity.  Are there any discussions of the choices blogged anywhere?


Mark Arend