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Symantec agent for Windows Hyper-V 2012 Server

Created: 11 Dec 2013 • Updated: 07 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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Hi ,

we have  windows hyper-v 2012 server core running as host machine and there would be 10 VM's of windows server 2008 OS.

Questions :

1)Can we install Symantec Agent on Windows Server core ?

2) If not, how can we use the symantec backup exec for backing up the above servers ?

          -- could be suggest me on this scenario ?

3)Also we have Dell lto-6 tape drive connected to this server. can we take backup of the above vm's by using this drive to tape media.


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1) Yes. You can load the remote agent on the host to backup the host and all the VM's on this host.

3) No.  This is because the tape drive needs to be connected to a BE media server, i.e., a server where the core BE is loaded, but you cannot load BE onto a Core OS.  If your host is a full OS, then you can load BE on the host and backup to the tape drive.  In your case, you need to have another physical machine to load BE and you need to connect the tape drive to this other machine.

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Thanks pkh ...

what would be the better option .. to load the backup agent on the host machine and take backup of the vm folders or load backup agent on all the VM's and take backup of each VM.

if remote install doesn't work on the server core installation ,how to install backup agent manually through the command prompt. Could you help me with the documents ?

Thanks again.

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If you use the second method and backup your VM's as if they are physical machines, then machine recovery will be slower.  You would have to use either SDR or a manual recovery to recover your VM's.  Using the first method which backs up the VM's as VM's, i.e. backup their VHD's, then all you need to do to recover the VM's is to restore their VHD's.

If a push install to your core OS fails, then you can try a silent install of the remote agent.  See this document

Although BE 2012 is not mentioned, the silent install method is equally applicable to BE 2012.  Just ignore anything regarding AOFO.