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Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.2.224 x64, issues

Created: 25 Oct 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
        I have joined "Zylon phararma" which is a subisidy of "Zepter international". We have recentley upgraded our computers to vista 64 bit and upgraded symantec solutions from v 10 x64 to 10.2 x64. As i have observed as a network administrator the antivirus program has only 32bit processes not 64 bit and my team needs me to sort this out with symantec. As iam new to this role i only could go through a few Symantec articles which lead me no where and also the amazing chat support window does not open up either. Please let me know if there is a patch available and soon.
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You are correct in that there is a number of 32-bit processes associated with our x64 version of the SAV Corp 10.2 product. However, this does not lower your protection level on a Vista x64 platform. The needed device drivers (e.g. AutoProtect) are true 64-bit binaries. They simply forward their detection/remediation information up to 32-bit processes for user notification and tracking purposes. We have not seen protection problems with running 32-bit processes for these purposes.
Are you having a specific problem that you isolated to the use of 32-bit processes by the product?
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Hi HumbleDev,
         I can understand that the protection level of the antivirus does not go down, however due to the 32 bit binaries the operations slow down and I'am not able to make complete utilization of the 64 bit processor and also the program "Rtvscan" consumes upto 50392k memory which makes operations in vista even worse. So i was hoping there would be a patch which would allow me to use a 64 bit process which makes my job and the programs efficiency simpler.
        I would also like to add that after doing a live update and a reboot this version of antivirus does not update security center which pop's up stating that the virus defnition's are old on stand alone machines , (i.e. the laptops used by my managers and C.E.O's) and i dont have a answer from microsoft either and they point out towards symantec.
       Hope i have a patch for 64 bit symantec antivirus and the live update issues.
Dileep Nagesh
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Hi Dileep,
Are you running a beta or external test copy of SAV 10.2?  The final release of SAV 10.2 x64 should be build 298, not build 224 as referenced in the topic of your message.  Please verify the build number and contact Symantec support if you do not have that build.
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          I dont know if its a beta version or a complete version, i need to call symantec and figure that out