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Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition - Removal Help??

Created: 12 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

 I purchased the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition through my University's program in 2006.  Something went a bit funky with it a few months ago and it hasn't been saving the live virus definitions.  How do I manually remove Symantec AntiVirus from my computer??

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Grant_Hall's picture

Hi our guide to manually removing SAV is found here:

If you are still having troubles after manually uninstalling you can try a program we have called cleanwipe, but you have to call in and make a support case in order to obtain it. I am guessing too that you already tried the add/remove programs option in XP. Usually that works but if not the manual guide is above. Also what do you mean by "funky". I only ask because I don't want you to uninstall your AV if you actually have a virus. Viruses can mimick, and make your computer do many crazy things so you might want to look into that before uninstalling.


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jlamarie's picture

 Thanks so much Grant! I discovered that even though I was running Live Update, it wasn't saving the virus definitions and when running scans it was pulling from very outdated definition files.  I did try the add/remove programs in XP, and removed what I thought was everything from my computer. I then downloaded NAV 2009 (I can no longer purchase the Corporate Editions through school) and tried to install but it told me it couldn't because it still detected other Norton programs. NAV then told me to download the Norton Removal Tool, but it was failing because it couldn't remove the Corporate Edition.

Long story short - I am trying to manually remove SAV, then remove NAV, then re-install NAV. Does that change what I should do?

Grant_Hall's picture

Do you have the original error message that NAV 2009 said when you tried to install? Did it say that it had detected other "norton" programs? I am just making sure that it was not installing because of the older SAV that was on the computer. You didn't have any other versions of Norton did you? Anyway yes that seems about right. Make sure you have completely uninstalled SAV. Then uninstall NAV and then reinstall NAV. I know this seems crazy, but for some reason there was a small part of SAV that never got removed. Most likely some registry key. Again though if you are still having troubles after manually trying to remove SAV then post back and we can see what else we can do. Hope all goes well.


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Hi jlamarie

If you want to remove all the Symantec products from the system and if it is Win XP you may use the tool Cleanwipe.  You will have to call into Tech Support first to discuss the case, as this tool is only available after a support engineer has an opportunity to troubleshoot your issue.

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Here's what i've found from forum also:

you can use this to totally remove the Old SAV from your system...

Good luck!!