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Symantec antivirus for nas

Created: 31 Jul 2011 • Updated: 11 Aug 2011 | 5 comments
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Is it possible to use SAV for NAS as weekly scheduled scan instead of the real-time scanning? I couldn't find anything about this.

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I have not found this to be possible. You can uncheck the real-time monitoring ability but I have not found anything for scheduled scanning.

If you only want scheduled scanning, your best bet is to use a PC with a SEP client on it and map drives to the shares and setup custom scans to scan these.

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As a note, you would want to turn off Scan Engine during that time or you will have both products scanning the same file and there will be conflicts between the two products.

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Thanks. Found it easier to scan the shares with a spare PC using the SEP client.

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The reason SAV for NAS is unable to do a schedulded scan is that SAV for NAS does not know about or keep track of files on the NAS device, but waits for the NAS device to request a file be scanned, then the Scan Engine scans that file and returns a result to the NAS. 

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Some customers use scripts to 'touch' all of the files in a specific directory or volume. You would need to be careful not to overload the Scan Engine all at once. This can cause the hard drive to fill up and not be able to scan the files correctly.

You would want to throttle these requests to only a few per second.