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symantec antivirus outlook protection

Created: 31 Jan 2013 • Updated: 01 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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hopefully this will be a short answer but you never know,

i need to find out if there would be any issues with disabling the symantec antivirus 10.1 within the addin manager in outlook 2003?

i have read that unticking the option greatly improves the performance when opening emails due to the antivirus not scanning all the attachment and have tried this myself and it seems to be true. we have endpoint protection on the exchange servers so emails are scanned prior to being delivered to the users but still need to know the best practice on this and if it is recommended at all.

we are also in the process of upgrading to sep12 and need to know if this issue is still prevelent with this version? although testing this myself it looks as though this is a lot quicker to open the emails with this version.

any help is appreciated.

many thanks.

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You can uncheck if you have another product that scans emails. This would not be needed than.

However, if you are having performance issues, it may be best to start with it disabled and than enable on a few machines to test performance.

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Disabling the AV addin for outlook will always improve the performance of email/attachement opening a bit - but will provide no protection.

Please note that Symantec AV is already out of live, the SEP 12.1 is the newest product and hase many improvements as well in aspects of performance to the old product.

As you stated if you have AV protection on the side of Exchange server you can disabled the outlook addin on clients completely - it will basicaly repeat the scan already done on the server.

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Hi Stiver2009,

One important note:

we have endpoint protection on the exchange servers so emails are scanned prior to being delivered to the users

Having a SEP client on the Exchange server will not scan all of the mail traffic from that server.  The SEP client will defend that server's OS, but automatically excludes all Exchange processes and locations.  An Exchange server needs a dedicated product designed to perform high-speed scanning of mail of SMTP traffic and the Information Store.

Symantec has a cool product called Symantec Mail Security for MS Exchange (SMSMSE)- if that is on the Exchange server, then the SAV plug-in is providing very little additional security.  Feel free to remove the SAV plug in without any danger. 

More about SMSMSE:

Hope this helps!  &: )

With thanks and best regards,


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thanks very much for everybody's input. it has answered all the questions that i needed and thanks again for the fast response.
much appreciated :-)

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Good one Mick..

Thank& Regards,


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