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symantec back EXEC 2012 et KASPERSKY SECURITY CENTER 10

Created: 23 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
I installed symantec back up exec on ​​windows 2008 R2 server and the console  kaspersky security center  10;0 with antivirus kaspersky  endpoint security
10 on the same server  and the clients I installed kaspersky endpoint antivirus
the problem is that when I add the client computers in the administration console kaspersky security center I could not execute the backup with symantec
on ​​these posts, but when I delete these computers from kaspersky security center  console I can do the backup.
I wanted to know if I can make an exception on the  kaspersky console so i could  execute the  backup to  computers which are administered by kaspersky console at the same time ?
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I am not sure how Kaspersky works as such, but here are a few points to look for -

1. Ports mentioned in this technote are required for Backup Exec to function. If Kaspersky has a firewall or the ability to monitor and block ports, you need to ensure that these ports are open.

2. Exclude all Backup Exec Services from Antivirus scanning and monitoring.
3. Attempt to add an exclusion for the Backup Exec installation directory.
4. Add an exclusion for any backup to disk locations. 
5. Temporarily disable any "On Access Scanning" features the anti-virus software may have (can cause performance issues during Backup).
6. If Kaspersky has got any on access scanning features then disable it (can cause performance issues during Backup)