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Symantec Backup 2012 and

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 10 comments


Excuse my English!
I have 2 servers in my network, server1 and server2:

on server1 LTO 3 is installed.
on server2 symantec backup 2012 is installed.
We want to save the data that is on the server1.

Now my question is: Does Symantec Backup 2012 is able to detect an LTO (HP LTO 3 Ultrium 920) located on another server?

thank you very much

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The tape drive needs to be attached to the server that Backup Exec is installed on.  Is it possible to move Backup Exec to the tape drive server?

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No it's not possible! we have installed LSI card on Serveur that LTO is installed on, this last card can't be installed on other server( because it's an old server).


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You would need the CASO- MMS option and make the server 1 ( where the tape library is installed ) a CASO

Basically you would need to install Backup Exec on server on server 1.

The question which you asked  Does Symantec Backup 2012 is able to detect an LTO (HP LTO 3 Ultrium 920) located on another server? - The Answer to that is No.

But we can create an Environment like I suggested. Install Backup Exec on server 1 and install the CASP - MMS option and you can get things worked out.

Backup Exec can only detect Tape libraries connected to a NDMP ( NAS ) server through the NDMP protocol and can detect Libraried connected to Linux Machines using the RMAL Agent.



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How is installing CASO going to help the user?

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Since you cannot move the tape drive to Server 2, the only option opened to you is to install BE on Server 1.

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Hello pkh,

It was just an option. If he installs a CASO - MMS then he can share libaries between the CASO and the MMS but he would need to install Backup Exec on both sides. In this way he doesnt need to move the tape library.



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He does not have a connection from Server 1 to the tape drive so this is no option

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Hello pkh,

I agree that he does not have a connection from Server 1 to the tape drive and hence the reason I suggested a CASO-MMS option but as Colin has pointed out it could be expensive and could involve lot of configuration.

I would like to disagree that it is no option. It is an option however its a complex option.

CraigV's picture've unfortunately contradicted yourself here. The LSI card wouldn't be NDMP, and there is no mention of this from the OP either.

As such, it is probably a SCSI card (or a SAS), and as you've pointed out, this isn't supported at all.

Therefore CASO will not work.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The two simplest choices are

1) move the tape library to where Backup Exec is installed

2) move the Backup Exec installation to where the tape library is installed.

For both of the above the server that is not a media server will need a remote agent installed in order to back it up.

The CASO-MMS option whilst not wrong potentially adds complexity and licensing costs as he would need to make both servers into media servers and potentially recreate or at least edit the backup jobs as well.