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Symantec Backup Exec 11d - Backup via Mapped Network Drive

Created: 22 Oct 2013 • Updated: 31 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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I'm using Symantec Backup Exec 11d and actually I was sure, that's possible to do the backup via network drive.. So I tried it and it seems to me, that it's not working?!

I'm using a Windows server and I want to have my backup on an LAN System Folder which I have mapped to the Windows Server (ESX is not able to read mapped network) So how to creat my backup? I'm running a windows system and I mapped the drives I'd like to backup to my win system.

Thanks to all!

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Not possible...Backup Exec does not backup network mapped drives at all.
If that is a server on which that share sits, purchase and install a Remote Agent for Windows Servers agent, along with the Advanced Open File Agent. From the media server, push-install the agent onto that remote server.


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Instead of a mapped drive you need to add the server and then backup by the UNC path  \\servername\share  configured as a user defined selection.

make sure you have a agent for windows license for the remote server
and that the Backup Exec Service Account has rights to the share.

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Adding to the above comments...ensure the option "Enable selection of user shares" is checked from Tools - Options - Network & Security.

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Thanks all.

I have configured  a Remote Agent for Windows Servers agent, along with the Advanced Open File Agent(Backup Exec Remote Agent utility in the Remote Server).

I have added the shared path \\servername\share in the Backup-to-Disk Folder Path. But, In the Backup-to-disk wizard, when I click the Finish Button, it would say "Unable to create new backup folder. Access denied.".
But It has created on local path location(D:\Folder).
I have given FULL permission for Remote server shared folder as well as Firewall Exception has given for "BAckup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems" in the Remote Server where the backup will take.

Why it has not created new backup folder in the Symantec backup in the Remote Server?

Thanks in advance for your valuable reply.

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Are you trying to backup from a network share (data you want to protect held in the share)


Are you tryibng ot backup to a network share (fiels that are teh container of the backup are stored in a network share during the backup)


The answers above assumed you are backing up from the share but now you have mentioned "Backup to Disk" which kind of changes what your original question came across as asking.