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Symantec Backup Exec 2010 - VMware "Licensed Feature"

Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

I'm a bit new to Backup Exec and I'm trying to drill down into our Backup Exec/VMware backups/licensing. We purchased a Symantec Backup Exec 2010 agent for VMware Virtual infrastructure. I know that you have to buy something in VMware as well to make that work. Here is the licensed features area of our vmware host:

Is Data Recovery the Symantec add on for VMware? If it is not being utilized on this server, can that licensed feature be moved to a different ESXi host?

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That appears to be a list of active/licensed features from a VMware point of view. The Backup Exec license bought from Symantec for VMwafre would not show up here, it shows in the Backup Exec Console.


Are you sure it is not a license for this

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 I know that you have to buy something in VMware as well to make that work.

As per SCL

Note: All free versions of ESXi (3.5i and 4i) require a minimum license from VMware in order to be protected by Backup Exec. This is due to the lack of vStorage API for Data Protection support in the free unlicensed versions of ESXi and is a current limitation of VMware.

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AmolZeroCool - As you can see in the picture, we do have that server licensed.

Colin - We do have a license in Backup Exec but my boss assured me that with that Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure that something had to be purchased in VMware as well. Maybe he was just referring to the fact that ESXi had to be licensed to a certain level?


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Look at the screenshot of your VMware licencing that you have posted earlier.  Among the features listed is the vStorage API's.  This is the VMware feature that BE requires, so you are good to go.  This is probably what your boss is referring to.

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pkh: Can that vStorage API feature, be transferred to a different host? For example, if we decided it was no longer worth it to have that on this host (just use windows system agents in backup exec instead) and that it would be more helpful to have that feature on a different host

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Whether you can transfer the VAPI feature to another host is a VMware licencing question which you should check with VMware.  The VAPI feature is part of a bigger licence, so you have to check with VMware is to whether you can transfer the entire licence.

Also, note that VAPI is used for a variety of other purposes and not just so that you can use BE AVVI agent to backup the VM's.  If you can and do want to transfer the VAPI, do study all the implications of such a move.

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Its not that it is transferred.

Free versions of ESX don't have it and paid for version do have it by default.

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