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Symantec Backup Exec 2012

Created: 09 Mar 2012 | 10 comments

Hi All

I recently upgraded my version of symantec backup exec to 2012 and I am having an issue. Does anyone know of a way of backing up 2 servers to one tape job. What I mean by this is at present I have my backup to tape jobs backing up my file data from the fileserver. But it order to be fully covered in evernt of disaster I need to backup the system state from the server that runs backup exec.

I tried using groups but all that happens when I do that is that it creates 2 jobs. runs one and then when the second wants to run the tape has over write protection.

Any ideas?

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You'd be able to append to the tape if your OPP/Append settings were correct.

If your Append setting is incorrect, that protects the tape until it is available to be overwritten.

Check the link below for further explanation:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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This article is for disk storage.  The user is talking about tapes and it has no relevence to the topic.

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Sorry if im misunderstanding (not been using BE long)

The Problem is backing up 2 different servers to one job. It doesnt matter if I change the OPP because it will backup first server to that tape then backup the second server to the tape again. This will erase the first backup hense is not a soulution for my problem.


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It is possible to do .. In the Backup and Restore tab select the servers that you want to include in the job (i.e. by holding down the control key and selecting each server), click Backup -> (select the backup option you want). The downside here is that you then lose the ability to do custom selections. e.g. with backup up the file system, you must backup all files or no files - no drill down to select particular files or folder, and also you cannot choose to backup files on one server and not another. You must either select to backup the file system on both, or backup on none. The only way to do custom selections is to do separate backup job for each server. Also with these jobs with multiple servers in them I couldn't seem to find a way of adding additional servers to the job.

If you want to backup multiple servers with custom selections, then you need to set all jobs to start at the exact same time, and use priorities to set which order they will back up in, or set them with different schduled times and space them out so that each job has time to complete. Set the first job to overwrite the tape, and all remaining jobs to append.

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I'm having the same problem.  In Backup Exec 2010, I could backup five different servers to disk, then duplicate all of that that onto a SINGLE tape.  The default for Backup Exec 2012 is to write the five different backups to FIVE DIFFERENT TAPES.  What a wasteful pita.  Of course, the Admin guide is useless on this topic.

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I totally agree. I am completely perplexed as to why this feature was removed. I have always used Backup Exec this way for certain backups. I use a single backup job to backup a specified list of folders from two servers but on the same job and tape. Yes you could have two jobs, the first set to overwrite and the second to append. But this will not be sufficient for all users. I cannot fathom any reason why it was removed and hope that enough people query it so that it is added to a future update or version. 

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You have this option Append to media,overwrite if no appendable media is available when you select a tape in the Storage section of the job.  Selecting this option will allow you to append to the tape.  See page 192 of the Admin Guide.

You also have this other option Append to media,terminate job if no appendable media is available

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I have this option Append to media,overwrite if no appendable media is available when set but when I try to run the backups on my remote maanged servers it spits the tape out looking for a scratch or appendable tape. Very frustrating.

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That is right, I said it. If a stand-alone tape is ejected from the drive for some reason OTHER, than the eject call being part of the previous job, then you will not be able to append to that tape until you run an inventory.

This too, is a PITA especially if there are jobs queued to write to that tape (in which case you will have to cancel those jobs and reschedule them to run after you inventory the tape).