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Symantec Backup Exec 2012.

Created: 08 Feb 2013


We are using Backup Exec 2012 to backup to an EMC datadomain dedupe storage device, one is locate at Site1 and one at our D.R site. The Backup Exec live server in Site A can see both.

We are currenlty testing Exchange 2010 backups for both OS and DAG.  We have configured OS level backups which restore fine, however as we only want the C: drive backed up and not the database volumes, we are backing up as a physical device. Although this works and you can exclude volumes, we have lots of hassle with Windows plug and play with the 3 Exchange server nics.  As the Exchange servers are virtual, is it possible to backup as a VM through virtual center, and exclude no non OS volumes. ?

The other big issue we have is restoring the Dag databases.  I have restored an Exchange test Dag database at our main SiteA without issues, however I cannot restore any databases from the Dag at our D.R site. The restored Backups Exec server at D.R can only see the D.R dedupe device.

 We have Exchange jobs configured as follows.

Site A - Full and Incremental Backups  to EMC Datadomain Dedupe device 1, located in Site A

D.R site - Full and Incremental Backups EMC Datadomain Dedupe device 2 , located in D.R site.

The Exchange OS drives are recovered fine. When I go to create the restore job through the Backup Exec 2012 server ( Recovered at D.R Site), the job just sits there and doesnt start, even with a "run now". I am assuming the issues is related to the recovered Backup Exec 2012 server at D.R site cannot see the EMC Datadomain Dedupe device 1, located in Site A. I would have though it would be possible to select the specific backup job which points to the EMC Datadomain Dedupe device 2 , located in D.R site, perhaps I am just missing something.

I have used the Backup Exec 2012 boot disk to recover the Exchange OS drive from the D.R site dedupe device.

Apologies for my terminology, I am fairly new to Backup Exec 2012. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.