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Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Hard drive backup how to Recycle .

Created: 21 Aug 2014 • Updated: 11 Nov 2014 | 3 comments
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Dear All ,

I  am using  Symnatec Backup Exec 2012   in our  environment   i have   3 hard  drive   A B  C   3 Tera each   i  want   to recycle   my  backup  when  my hard drive  is full automatically   in Symantec Back up Exec  2012    Can i   use  this option .

Appreciated your response .


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Colin Weaver's picture

You cannot base the housekeeping of older backup sets on when the disk fills up.

The process for housekeeping disk backups is based on DLM and is time based so all you can do is define how long to keep the backup set for and then within 4 hours of the expiry time the sets should be deleted for you. That is unless it is the last backup sets for a given set of data or dependent sets exists (i.e,. Incrementals)

Note: for a detachable disk such as USB this might be 4 hours from when you connect the drive back to the server. For RDX cartridges (and assuming SP4 is installed) I believe it is triggered by the next backup job to run to the cartridge (but still uses the time to decide what has expired, not the disk space.)

EDIT: One extra thought if you leaving all 3 drives connected and are trying to use device pools to load balance the usage across them then please upgrade to Backup Exec 2014. BE 2012 always uses the first drive until full (and if GRT is enabeld will fail the job that actually fills it) BE 2014 has 3 choices of behaviour for drive selection within a pool so is more flexible Choices are: round robin, use drive with least free space, use drive with most free space.

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Hello Every one .

We have one Exchange Server  2007 in our   Network  we use Symantec Exec 2012  i   take  Full backup and also incremental backup for my Exchange Server   daily  my question if    our HP Server  G5 Hardware  Failure  or  Disaster occur. Can i restore my Exchange Server 2007 to   other new  Dell Server   machine .

Any suggestion .,

Thanks .