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Symantec Backup Exec and SBE Continuous Protection Server

Created: 02 Aug 2013 • Updated: 07 Aug 2013 | 11 comments
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hi gurus, what is the difference of this two products?

Symantec Backup Exec  

Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server


Operating Systems:

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pkh's picture

CPS provides constant replication of changed files, thus you have continuous backups.  BE is more batch-like in that you have to run jobs to backup your files.  Note that CPS is discontinued and the last version of BE to have CPS is BE 2010.

JJJCR's picture

Thanks pkh for the reply.

CPS is discontinued so is there any replacement for this product?

Is it still okay to use and install CPS 12.5?  or it's not safe anymore?

Thanks :)

pkh's picture

No.  There is no replacement.

Although CPS 12.5 is safe to use, I would suggest that you should discontinue its use so that your future migration path is clear.

JJJCR's picture

Are there any new product of symantec for real time backup?

Thanks again :)

pkh's picture

Unfortunately, no.  Otherwise, it would have replaced CPS.

Colin Weaver's picture

I think we still sell Veritas Replicator, however it is not considered to be a replacement fro CPS as a) it was always available even when CPS was sold and b) it was designed for Enterprise class environments and will potentially not be suitable for smaller businesses

JJJCR's picture

Thanks pkh, :)

Is there any link on how to install and configure CPS 12.5?

pkh's picture

I can't find any for BE 12.5, but here is one for BE 2010 which should roughly be the same.

However, you have been warned that it is discontinued, so it would be a waste of effort.