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Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

Trying to determine whether Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition will be a good fit for us.

I can't seem to determine whether it will do what we need it to do, and have received conflicting information.

We have 2 physical servers, both running Server 2008 R2. Server 1 is running our ERP system using SQL Server 2008, no virtualization.

Server 2 is hosting 2 virtual servers using Hyper V. One is running Lotus Domino server 8.5, the other is running Blackberry Server Express.

Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition says I can back up 3 physical or virtual servers.

I am not worried about backing up the Blackberry virtual server at the virtual server level.

So I would like to back up both physical servers, and the virtual Lotus Notes server for a total of 3.

I have been told by a rep that a single license for Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition will do this (including backing up Domino), without any additional agents. What I am told is that when I download the software, I can download all the agents required to do these 3 servers without any additional licenses required - i.e. I will not need to buy an agent for Domino, or for the second physical server.

I can't seem to find any supporting information for that.

Does anyone have any actual experience with this, or can anyone point me to any information that supports this?

If I needed to purchase additional agent licenses, this would no longer be much of a deal.

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Kiran Bandi's picture

I am quite doubtful about backingup domino with BE SBE edition.

Have a look at the data sheet, it might give you the information you are looking for.

You can find it here:


Microfiche's picture

That is part of the conflicting information I have received from Symantec. I have been told verbally and by email that Domino support is included in the application agents included with SBE, but no documentation that I can find supports that.

Kiran Bandi's picture

I do not find any clue for Domino support with BE 2012 SBE either form backupexec official site or from google. 

I would suggest you to check with Symantec Licensing team before proceeding further. If they say Yes to it, then you are good to go.


pkh's picture

According to the Licencing Guide below, you cannot add any agents or options to the BE SBE edition.

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide

Since Domino is not included in the applications included in the SBE edition, you probably cannot back it up.  However, it is best to confirm all these with Symantec Licencing because they are the final authority on licemcing matters.

Microfiche's picture

If I could get consistent answers from Symantec licensing, I wouldn't have posted this question.

So far, I have been told by Symantec licensing that I would need:

  • only one license to cover the scenario described
  • 2 licenses to cover the scenario described, and
  • 3 licenses to cover the scenario described

I have been told that it does contain the Domino agent, and that it does not.

I have been told that I would need two licenses to backup a host and the related virtual server, while Symantec documentation  clearly states that "if you are running one physical host and three virtual servers you need just one copy of BE 2012 SBE"

So what I was looking for here was the input of someone who was actually using the software.